What’sappening to Design?


Look closely at this un-credited picture doing the rounds in social media. The Saree worn by this lady from an obvious semi urban background from India has all the popular internet logos like What’sapp , Facebook. Google and Yahoo.
This is so unique to Indian design done for the masses. The context is in the designer’s mind, quite unmindful of the consumer. The design preempts a trend and finds a new audience. Come to think of it, it’s much like Steve Jobs way of designing products that we did not know we wanted.
I would like to  meet the designer of the Saree and credit the photographer too who saw this unusual trend.
Both may not know that this is so happening!!!


  1. Thanks to search engine and got a chance to look at your blog posts. It’s amazing! Now, I’m completely with your concern. I would say that these sarees are not designed by a designer rather than a production guy working under a business vendor. In the end, this is how it’s spoiling our design trends in India.


  2. This is also to be observed that the designer has Inter Changed the Brand Identity Colours
    Wats App Green is used in Facebook, Google + Red is used in Yahoo, Yahoo Blue is used in Wats App.

    Whether done consciously or subconsciously…Image captures Attention..!!


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