Thinking of a Design Career?

It is that time of the year.

Children having finished school tend to go from pillar to post, trying to get admission into a course they are keen on.

Invariably, they settle for a course that they are found eligible for and kill their passion in the process. It is at these times, I wonder when will our governments wake up to the aspirations of the young adults of today. I am also inundated with calls from parents and their wards about the merits of various design schools in the country.

If you have just completed your school, you are probably one of those, wondering what to do next. While some of your friends are seeking admission into professional design programmes, you are still in a dilemma about exploring something new.

Are you considering a career in Design?  Know what you want.

You have probably nurtured an ambition to design new automobiles. You may wonder who designs those fancy apps on your mobile phone? You imagine your bedroom space to be different and stylish. You are stunned by the fancy dress your cousin bought in the mall. You are impressed with the design of a website you just visited.

If you see yourself in any of the above scenarios, you are probably creative enough to follow your passion and explore getting into a career in design.

There are other pointers in your daily life that tells you that you are ready for a creative career.

You have always been told that you are creative, or you are one of those with ideas for every problem.

You are thorough and detailed.

You pick up a pen to draw an idea to explain.

You enjoy making things or taking things apart.

You have always been told that you are stylish.

Your friends consult you for ideas on their dress sense.

You love colour.

If you are all this, or even some of this, you should explore a serious professional career in design.

If you have not made it to the big institutes, do take time to check out the smaller ones. Some of these are better suited and more contemporary.

If you are passionate about the future, don’t settle. Remember, only dust settles.



  1. An interesting blog. I dont see what the govt has to do with making design institutions. With many global business in out country we need private enterprise in setting up such institutions. The govt has already done its bit in setting up the seed institutes. Now it is up to the business, philanthropists and interested professionals to take up the gaps.


    1. Thanks for your comments. However, private institutes need to be regulated as well and that can happen only when there is a common understanding of what good design is.


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